Forms for Data Reporting

CZLpIWiWcAExUxX (1)I have written and posted a lot of information regarding the use of Google Forms for collecting student data snapshots. As my work with forms has increased, I have thought about data reporting at the local school level. When working with academic data, the norm tends to center around the importing and exporting of .csv files – sending back and forth Excel data. Using Google Forms provides a seamless connection between the form and the response spreadsheet it is linked to. The following simple steps will help you setup a way to report and share important assessment level data with colleagues and administrators. This can work for those teachers that are part of Apps for Education and accounts that are just normal Google based. The idea here is to keep from sending documents all over the place, or having teachers import and export data exhaustively. Even the best LMS software often has extra steps that are needed to share out comprehensive or cumulative student achievement data.

Screenshot 2016-01-20 at 6.59.30 PMThe important thing to think about when creating your assessment form will be the fields that you use to collect data from. If you are familiar with survey design, this will be an easy transition. You basically want to think of fields that will give you clear searchable data later. You do not want to try to fit too many bits of information to any one field. The idea is to separate each bit of data that you would like to collect into each separate field. Once submitted, this data will be organized into a spreadsheet document – so keep that in mind for the amount of text at any given time you will be inputting. I like to keep it realistically simple. Fields for: test name, test subject, type (exit slip, midterm), date of assessment, grade average, class average etc. I use forms to report assessment data to my school principal, so I design the fields in a way that will offer a complete snapshot of each class section and overall student achievement.

Screenshot 2016-01-20 at 7.10.19 PMI will also add some paragraph text fields to list standards that students excelled on, or standards that they may need more targeted review for. While other SIS or LMS systems can track standards, they often truncate them into the abbreviation they are listed as – this type of field can keep a more logical listing of skills and standards for the colleague or administrator to examine.

Once the basic form layout is done, I test it by entering data from one of my most recent assessments to see how it looks in the response document. In the design view of creating a form, the responses are indicated in the top menu. This view will allow you to see the spreadsheet that will keep all the responses as they are entered into the form. The response document spreadsheet is what I ultimately share with my admin team. This document will be constantly updated with assessment data of various types allowing for a sort-able and searchable view of student achievement.