Audio Tracks Middle School


Students use Chromebooks with AudioSauna to learn the basics of digital audio creation. They started with a basic sampler and layered synths on different tracks.

Long ago, prior to my journey to becoming a teacher and doctoral candidate – I was awarded a BFA in music. I had attended the Conservatory of Music at Purchase College. My degree centered around music composition and audio production. With beginning my teaching career in 2010, the time spent towards music has been minimal. Last year, I explored a program called AudioSauna which would run a digital audio program within your browser. Best of all, it was very Chromebook friendly.

This year, I really started to work with students during my technology class to create playlists of student work. My focus has been on working with 6th and 7th grade students. I have created a simple Blendspace to get started that has been included below. Please check back for more samples as they are completed! Click below to view the embed lesson.  As I continue to teach students about digital audio, I will be creating more resources.